Rance Nix

Ask any student, and most will know Rance Nix. His passion and his energy leave lasting effects on everyone he meets.

Finding that passion, however, wasn’t an easy task for the senior advertising major.

Not everyone who becomes a part of Grady College wants to initially be there, but even after deciding to come to the sacred halls of Journalism, you may even be wait listed. For Nix, that’s exactly what happened.

Nix describes that waiting period as the “longest week of my life,” especially after struggling to find his passion and career plan. He remembers looking back on that uncertainty as a time to decide how he would shape his overall experience at Grady, find the best opportunities to push forward and meet the mentors that would soon guide him through his career.

“I needed to reflect on what my purpose was, what my talents are and how to fulfill that,” he said.

Nix soon found Grady College, the advertising department and the inspiring teachers and friends who helped push him toward his goals.

“My professors haven’t just been teachers — they’ve been mentors,” he said. “Without them, I wouldn’t have had the right knowledge and skills to go into advertising successfully.”

That hard work, Nix said, paid off.

Not only did he receive the Terry F. Barker Scholarship through Grady College, but he landed an incredible internship with BBDO, one of the nation’s largest and leading advertising agencies.

“When I was at BBDO, the CEO of the Atlanta office told us that ‘We’re in advertising and not many people can say that,’” Nix said. “I’m pretty proud I was a part of that.”

Countless philanthropic events, viral Bulldog pride videos and celebrity music videos — all are ways Nix connected with students, bonded with professors and became an integral part of campus life.

With help from distinguished Grady College alumni, friends and mentors, Nix continues to push forward in his career and inspire others to do the same.